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    Sharanya’s first love for the art of baking began with a simple pound cake at the tender age of 10. Always tinkering and experimenting in her mother’s kitchen with whatever ingredients she could find. She fell in love with the warmth, comfort and delicateness of baking. Sharanya graduated with a degree in Baking and Pastries from Art Institute of Indianapolis in 2010, inspired to someday open a bakery of her own.  A life- long vegetarian, she finally went vegan in 2017 and felt a strong purpose to execute on her dream of her very own bakery.
    Sharanya enjoys the challenge of creating new and re-creating classic recipes into a plant-based alternative, knowing that it supports a more loving and compassionate lifestyle. Her philosophy is that simple and classic recipes are timeless; leading her to spend a great deal of her time working and re-working  recipes like her moist chocolate cake and buttery vanilla cakes. When she is not in the kitchen baking, she is often spending most of her time n her cake studio working on her sugar skills. Enjoying the delicate and detailed artwork of sculpting sugar florals and designing nature inspired cupcakes and cake designs.